My adventures in Japan, 2019

July 29th-August 3rd

It was OK.

I finally took the time to visit the pond that my bus passes every day on the way to work:

Stop taunting me with your logo! You’re not In-n-Out!

Click picture above to view video.

August 4th-10th

I did a bit of traveling this week. I visited a friend in Tokyo, one in Saitama, one in Yokohama, and one in Nara. I even met some new friends in Osaka.

I stayed at a dormitory inn in Akatsuka. It’s very cozy.
Strangely, this dorm doesn’t have any cubicles. The beds were out in the open. Needless to say, it took me until after midnight to fall asleep.
This girl liked to sit on the bed and lounge like a cat, or a mermaid on a rock.
On the first day I visited my friend Jeongmi at her restaurant, Aina Cafe.
I went to Komiya Park afterward.
Tokyo has the best parks!
I returned to Aina Cafe afterward.
Next I went to Akihabara to eat at Carl’s Jr.

Akihabara was crawling with foreigners! It’s a strange sight to me because to my knowledge I have yet to see a single foreign tourist in Kitakyushu, but in Tokyo they’re everywhere!

Next stop: Asakusa.
Day 2: Saitama. Specifically, Ooyama Station. I went here to visit my friend Juri.
After this I ate at Queen Sheba, an Ethiopian restaurant. The food wasn’t as good here as it is in Las Vegas, but I suppose that’s to be expected.
Day 3: Yokohama to see my friend Aiko.
Click picture above to view video.

Click picture to view video

Click picture above for video.

Click picture for video.

I had about a third of an inch of clearance.
After Sea Paradise, Aiko took me to Costco because I miss American food and ambiance.
I ordered a hot dog, a pizza slice, and a bolgogi bake. It was wonderful.
Day 4: to Nara.
The airport was packed! Fortunately the check-in counter had a special line for passengers whose flight was scheduled to take off within thirty minutes. That saved my butt, let me tell you.
After dinner, Kaoru took me to Nara Hotel.
Nara Hotel was amazing. The place was swimming in immanent history. It honestly gave me goosebumps.
Next stop, Nara Park. There was a festival that night.

Click picture for video.

These pictures were taken by my friend Kaoru.
She’s a good photographer, yes?

Click picture for video

Click picture for video.

My hotel had such proper pajamas!
Day 4: Kyoto and Osaka.
I went to Kiyomizudera after taking a wrong turn, like, three or four times. I felt really stupid. But I made it in the end! Also, when I was on the bus I wanted to strangle someone. The announcer kept calling it “Kiyomizudera Temple.” “Dera” means “Temple.” It’s just Kiyomizudera, not Kiyomizudera Dera. If you’re going to call it that, why not just call it “Kiyomizuderaderadera Dera Templetemple?”
Next: Osaka. I met Kaoru by the gold clock on the fourth floor.
The festival brought in quite a few visitors.
Next, we went to Kaoru’s sister’s cafe.
This place is really charming. It has actual sugar cubes!
This curry was really interesting. It was like chili.

Click picture for video

Click picture for video

Bye, Kaoru!
Not only did my hotel have an actual key. but the shape was fascinating.
I’m finally home! And I have bills…. Yay….
They’re even shaped like deer! How cute! Thank you, Kaoru!
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