My adventures in Japan, 2019

2019, May 31st – June 9th

That’s Goodsprings, the town where I lived 12 hours ago!

Bye, Goodsprings!

Legroom! Oh, sweet legroom!

I left Nevada on May 29th and arrived in Japan on May 31st. Thanks, International Date Line.

This is the view outside my hotel near Kokura station, on the evening of May 31st.

And this is the same view the following morning.

Cigarettes, alcohol, and ATMs: three of the most important things in life.

Here’s my new apartment!

In case the video doesn’t embed properly, here’s the link.

Here it is after I unpacked. It’s small, but a pretty cozy space.

Too small in some places.
This is my first Japanese pizza and my first meal in my apartment.
This is my bus stop.
This empty dirt lot makes me nostalgic for Nevada….
Time to visit Kokura Castle!
Behold his majesty, the king of Kokura Castle

I’ve noticed that there are many crows in Kitakyushu.

This matcha was delicious!
This castle is a reconstruction, so you’re allowed to walk right up to it and touch the walls.
Old and new.

This stoplight plays an old Japanese folk song about crossing the street, called 「とおりゃんせ」. It’s a nice melody, but the words are creepy.

This steeple belongs to my new church.
Lovely yukata!

On page 2: a trip to Fukuoka. See the navigation bar below.

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