A blog can be pretty scattered and spread-out, and a computer screen can be awfully taxing on the eyes. To remedy this situation, I have made many of my writings available on Kindle or in paperback form, available from Amazon. Here are all of my books available for purchase right now. If you enjoy the content on this site or know someone who would, please consider buying one of these books from Amazon. As an added incentive for you, all of my books are enrolled in Matchbook. This means that if you buy a paperback copy of a book, you will receive a discount on a Kindle copy of the same book. My Matchbook discounts are at least 50% off, and some are even free (such as If You Vote). I also make fine-tuned edits in my books, meaning the content is even better than what you get here on the blog. Also, I have started branching out and some of the books are not available in blog form at all, most notably my Bible Commentary.

My Amazon author page is here:

Here is a list of each of my books available on Amazon: