The Divine Principle and True Understanding of God’s Word


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The Divine Principle and True Understanding of God’s Word

By John Everett


In the 20th century there emerged a prolific religious leader named Reverend Sun Myung Moon who founded the Unification church in 1954. Over a lifetime of tireless and heartfelt service to others, he left behind a large corpus of religious teachings. As with many great leaders, he was often a subject of controversy during his life. His writings were said by Christians to be heretical, as they allegedly contradicted the teachings in the Bible; many people are afraid of change and will denounce something new. This paper will dissect Reverend Moon’s teachings in his book Exposition of the Divine Principle, especially the second chapter “The Human Fall,” and will determine whether or not these teachings are sound doctrine or are indeed heretical. And furthermore, what greater ramifications would such soundness or heresy imply?

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Happy New Year!

Hello and welcome to 2015! My name is John and I will be your host for today’s article. Well, I took off November and December to focus on other projects, and I must say I haven’t made much progress in any of them except for the rest of the articles in January. So, hooray for me. Anyway, I think I’ll give you a personal update as I did for last year’s New Year article. So let’s have at it, shall we?

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