Runners-Up of 1983

1983 may have been the year of the second video game crash, but as we saw from the Appreciation articles, there was still quite a bit of innovation left in the industry. 1983 was, after all, the year of the Challenger space shuttle, Microsoft Word, and phones with touchscreens. Let’s take a look at the titles that brought a lot to the table, but fell just short of earning their own appreciation article.

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Happy not-2015-anymore!

Update: OK, so this is really late because I was stupid and didn’t set it for the correct month. So, welcome to February! Also, when the pictures and videos finally show up then this won’t be all text!

Welcome to January! I am sure glad that 2015 is over, because that year sucked! I mean, for my personal life it really wasn’t that bad; it was just a crappy year in general. To say goodbye to 2015 I visited my Mom and sister in Sunny Missouri. And before you ask, yes. I packed extra socks. Don’t worry.

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