Happy not-2015-anymore!

Update: OK, so this is really late because I was stupid and didn’t set it for the correct month. So, welcome to February! Also, when the pictures and videos finally show up then this won’t be all text!

Welcome to January! I am sure glad that 2015 is over, because that year sucked! I mean, for my personal life it really wasn’t that bad; it was just a crappy year in general. To say goodbye to 2015 I visited my Mom and sister in Sunny Missouri. And before you ask, yes. I packed extra socks. Don’t worry.


I set out from Nevada right after a violin performance at a nursing home, so I was definitely primed for vacation. My journey got off to a great start. When I was driving through Las Vegas, this one guy matched my speed as I tried to pass him in the left lane. When I sped up and got in front of him, he decided I was going too slowly so he passed me. All in all, a perfect start to a 1,500 mile trip.

Actually, things were better after that. Utah was nice, albeit large. Colorado, well, not so much. By then it was night, and the mountain roads were icy.

By the time I got to Denver you could tell that my energy and motivation were gone. It’s funny just how much my tone changed from when I was just starting out.

The next day was uneventful. I drove through Kansas which was about as much fun as you’d expect; what with it being flatter than a pancake. I saw billboards for the Wizard of Oz museum, but apparently none of that stuff is authentic. While driving I was listening to a podcast by Tom Woods, Jr., who lives in Kansas, and he said that the museum descriptions all read along the lines of, “These ruby slippers are just like the ones that Judy Garland wore in the movie.” So if you’re ever in Kansas, don’t go to that museum. Just watch the movie and you can see the authentic items.


Around 6:00 I got to St. Joseph, MO, known for the Pony Express (but unknown to me until a couple months ago). It’s a quaint town with lots of brick buildings, but you don’t want to hear about this. You want to hear about my dog friend THOR!


Oh yeah, and I saw my family too.

So I got to see my nephew again, whom I met for the first time two years ago. I also had the pleasure of meeting my niece Amelia Josephine. She was obsessed with my clean-shaven face since her dad has a full beard now. She would touch my chin whenever I held her. She also stared at me constantly. Whenever I met her eyes she would blush and turn away. She also really wants to walk and would try every chance she got to prop herself up on anything nearby.

My sister is in roller derby and I went to watch her practice one night. I learned a lot; the only other exposure I’ve had to roller derby is the movie “Whip It.” And Hollywood movies aren’t exactly known for accurate portrayals.

Anyway, I had a great time until I got sick, then I had a slightly less great time.

On my way back, I slept in Denver again, and then I was on my way. This time I got to see Colorado in the sunlight; the mountains were beautiful.

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