My Six-Word Story (Is Cool)

In the 1920s, as the apocryphal tale goes, Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write a story only six words long. He turned out the above story and considered it his best work. In so doing, he revived interest in the genre of flash fiction. Last week an old friend challenged me and others to write our own six-word stories. Let’s take a look at my entry and a few of my favorites after the jump.

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When Caesar Was Thirty He Knelt Down and Cried

A Carpe Diem poem by John
When Cæsar was thirty he knelt down and cried
Before the statue of Alexander.
For when the great general had reached such an age
The world he already had.
This I, too, felt when yesteryear
I looked upon the work of Frankenstein
Which, when its author was only twenty and one,
Was unleashed upon the world.
For what do I wait, I ask myself,
When time as they say is a-wastin’.
When I could be working to have it bound,
Why must I stay and tarry?
Let me instead spring forth to write
And, with my sights set onto it,
Send my work when done to find
A home on many readers’ shelves.
-Written November 12th, 2012