Original Version: PONG, released in 1972/08 for arcade

It wasn’t the first game ever made, but it has arguably been the most influential. Meet Pong, the first game of the Atari company. Founded by Ampex engineers Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney in 1972, Atari’s name was taken from a move in the game of Go (the loose equivalent of “atari” would be “check” in chess). Bushnell’s and Dabney’s previous game, Computer Space, was a commercial failure, being too difficult and dense for the average gamer to enjoy. Bushnell though that the next big hit would be something just as complex. What happened was the opposite.

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Why Appreciate Games?

Whys are more important than hows.

by John “Who else?” Everett

Hello, there. In my article on Oregon Trail, I briefly explained the reasons for doing this series. Now I would like to add more detail. If you are not a gamer and you’re skeptical about the virtues of this medium, I hope that this will convince you to appreciate games. Even if you are a gamer, I think you’ll still have something to gain from this.

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