Prometheus in Frankenstein

I wrote this essay during my second year at Virginia Tech. I received a 95% for the paper, but the professor docked 10 points because I never wrote a rough draft. Well excuse me! I didn’t realize that I was only allowed to be brilliant on the second attempt.

Prometheus in Frankenstein

The alternate title to Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s novel Frankenstein is The Modern Prometheus. The novel itself is not a retelling of the myth, but instead is inspired by it. Shelley works the story into her novel by associating her protagonists with the titan Prometheus. It is the amalgamation of the myth’s classical and modern incarnations, as well as the social Promethain-esque events which form the basis for her novel, and it is through association that her characters take on certain titanic qualities.
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“Epiphany of a Rich Man”

Written March 14th, 2010

Epiphany of a Rich Man
by John Everett

Call: What is it I cherish? What, in this whole world, do I hold
in my heart? My taste has grown fat and my wallet feeds it.
Furs, gems, purple dies, silk. My house has swallowed them up.
Just as Tantalus I can never reach that for which I thirst.

Response: I am a fire.

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