No posts for the rest of the year!

Hello all,

I will not post anything else until January. Until then I will be working on editing the blog and just generally improving things. Read more after the jump.
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Noh Theater Speech

This will be my end-of-semester speech for Japanese. This speech is a good example of what a student can do after four semesters.
エベレット ジョン
John Everett
Japanese 212
November 2013

Noh Theater

Snake Byte [1982] |Apple ][|

“I have had it with these mother***ing snakes on this Euclidean plane!” -not Samuel L. Jackson

Let us remember these words of wisdom as we look back on the granddaddy of snake games. Although not the first game to feature snakes, Snake Byte did set the template off of which countless games would be based. Just as Pong and Space Invaders before it, Snake Byte was at the head of a list that would only grow longer and longer just like its myriad protagonists.

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