Hey, you! Yeah, you! The intelligent, attractive one sitting in front of this computer! Did you know that I have a blog where I post stuff I come across? Well, here it is.

Click it. Do it now. There’s something for everyone. I have videos, pictures, music, art, and so on. Basically whatever I like I add to that blog. Here’s the link again.

Doing so ensures that I will love you forever. Or, if you don’t like me, clicking will cause me to feel unbearably intense pain. While I’m here promoting my other content, why don’t I just link my Steam page as well? Look at my screenshots, browse my games library and see my recommendations while you’re waiting for the Games Appreciation articles on them later. I have another secret blog that’s secret, but you needn’t know about that.

So, I’ll have a real post next Monday. Like, fer realz. I’ll probably have a few posts on blogspot before then, maybe. I don’t know. I’m writing this on January 18th, so I have no idea what’ll happen between now and the 4th of February. Anything is possible. I do mean anything. Who knows, I might be the queen of England by then. In fact, I’m pretty sure I will be. Look forward to that.


Free Writing Exercise #1

Free writing, for those not in the know. is an exercise wherein one will write for a period of time, usually five to fifteen minutes, about anything that comes to mind. Free writing produces mostly unusable material, but can also pop out some surprising gems.

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Happy New Year! Have a mini-game!

Boy, it sure is rewarding to maintain this blog every week, constantly and without any interruptions at all. Yup, I’ve enjoyed being here all this time, uploading new posts every Monday. Uh-huh. All this time. Once weekly. cough

Anyway, I found a great program called RPG Maker VX Ace which allows the user to create a game with no programming knowledge, yet still allows for a programmer to write Ruby scripts at his/her whim. I just completed a little prototype to get the hang of it. You should play it! It only takes about five minutes to play from start to finish and, I think, is quite entertaining.

Download the torrent here (edit: The torrent is dead. Download it directly!) or download the file directly here. You will need a bittorrent program such as µtorrent to open the torrent file, or you will need WinRar to extract the file when downloaded directly.

Let me know what you think!


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