Happy New Year! Have a mini-game!

Boy, it sure is rewarding to maintain this blog every week, constantly and without any interruptions at all. Yup, I’ve enjoyed being here all this time, uploading new posts every Monday. Uh-huh. All this time. Once weekly. cough

Anyway, I found a great program called RPG Maker VX Ace which allows the user to create a game with no programming knowledge, yet still allows for a programmer to write Ruby scripts at his/her whim. I just completed a little prototype to get the hang of it. You should play it! It only takes about five minutes to play from start to finish and, I think, is quite entertaining.

Download the torrent here (edit: The torrent is dead. Download it directly!) or download the file directly here. You will need a bittorrent program such as µtorrent to open the torrent file, or you will need WinRar to extract the file when downloaded directly.

Let me know what you think!


Things to know for the torrent n00b:

-This file is a .torrent file. It’s only 49 KB. You need to open it with a bittorrent program (I recommend µtorrent) which will then download the actual game piece by piece.

-Torrent files are “seeded” from the source, which in this case is my computer. This means that when I’m not online the files won’t download to your computer, but I’m online quite a bit, so I’ll be seeding most of the time.

-If the torrent will only download at certain times, what’s the point? Well, there are several advantages to torrents. One, the decentralized nature of torrenting means that the file is not on any one server and won’t be hindered by the server’s bandwidth allocation; it will only be limited by your bandwidth and how many seeders there are. The more seeders, the faster the download. Two, a torrent file can be interrupted and resumed at any time. You could pause a torrent for a year and it won’t matter as long as there’s at least one seeder from whom you can finish the download later. That being said, please seed when you’re done. Keep uTorrent open and let it seed for a while. When your ratio is above 1.0, you can call it even.

-A person downloading a .torrent file is called a “leach” or “leacher.” As soon as a piece of information is fully downloaded, it will begin to seed to other leachers. In this manner you’ll be a seed and a leach at the same time. If the download stops at any time (because you go offline or I do) the download will pick back up as soon as the connection is reestablished.

-When you’re done downloading the entire file, you’ll still continue to seed as long as the files remain in the same place you downloaded them too. If you modify or move the files the torrent will no longer able to seed.  If there are no seeders the files will not download to any leaches. For that reason I ask that you remain a seed for as long as possible so that I’m not the only seeder.

-Also, sharing is caring. Spread the word about this file like some sort of disease, or butter. Yes, spread it like golden, creamy butter on crispy, delicious toast.

When you have the file downloaded, it should look like this.



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