Happy 2014!

Happy another year, everyone!

Over Christmas I had some fun, and I also had a mildly productive break. I’m excited to show you the changes I made and the times I had, so let’s jump in!

Ah yes, my old friend Winona Winslow. We go way back, she and I.



Hey, you! Yeah, you! The intelligent, attractive one sitting in front of this computer! Did you know that there is a duplicate of this blog on Blogspot? Well here it is! If, however, you tire of the boring, thought-provoking content that this site has to offer, why not gambol on over to my Tumblr? You should do it now! Check out my tumblr blog! It’s pretty dope. I don’t update it regularly like I do this, so it’s like a drama that’s filled with suspense! You never know what’ll happen next! I have another tumblr that I do update regularly, with tons of great content. There’s something for everyone!

Here’s the link again.
And again.

Click it. Do it now.

Doing so ensures that I will love you forever. Or, if you don’t like me, clicking will cause me to feel unbearably intense pain. While I’m here promoting my other content, why don’t I just link my Steam page as well? Look at my screenshots, browse my games library and see my recommendations while you’re waiting for the Games Appreciation articles on them later.

Finally, you can go to my YouTube channel  and watch me humiliate myself playing games, or you can watch me embarrass myself IRL by watching my old YouTube channel, which I won’t be making any new videos for ever again because I lost the password and can’t reset it no matter how hard I try. :(

So, I’ll have a real post next Monday. Like, fer realz. I’ll probably have a few posts on Tumblr before then, maybe. I don’t know. I’m writing this on January 18th, so I have no idea what’ll happen between now and the 4th of February. Anything is possible. I do mean anything. Who knows, I might be the queen of England by then. In fact, I’m pretty sure I will be. Look forward to that.