Runners-up of 1978

1978 didn’t have much to offer, honestly. But it was the year my mom graduated high school, so that was nice.

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“The Grass Is Always Greener on the other Side (of the Iron Curtain)”

This is a screenplay I hope to have made into an animation. If you are a Flash artist and are interested in animating this, please get in touch with me! I’ll even pay you 25 cents! (Here is the link for art assets etc. To gain entry you must enter the password Zdravstvujtye. That means “hello” in Russian.)

“The Grass Is Always Greener on the other Side (of the Iron Curtain)”

By John Everett

[Open to a snowy sky. Pan down to see a man in a trench coat walking down a street. He is wearing an Ushanka with the flaps down.]

Pedestrian: My name is Grigory. I live in the USSR, in glorious motherland of Russia. Today I lost my job at factory just outside my village. (He passes a barn.) But I don’t care. I know that my government will take care of me, not like in Capitalist America where they let you die of hunger if you lose your job. (He walks into a village.) That is why we will win Cold War. If the proletariats are taken care of, everything else works.

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Runners-up of 1977

Welcome to the category “Runners-up.” In this feature I write about the games of a given year that were important/influential/noteworthy/pretty darn good, but not excellent enough to be timeless classics. This enables me to write about the games that shaped the medium without giving them a dedicated games appreciation article–that wouldn’t be fair to the other games, and it may confuse readers into playing a substandard game. For this year I only have one runner-up.

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