My adventures in Japan, 2019

August and September

I took this picture because for some reason I thought that I looked like Frylock from “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.” Apparently I felt that this needed to be documented with photographic evidence.

Another crow! They’re everywhere!

My church often has cakes and tea after service. On this day, they sent me home with a bag of goodies.

The elephant is made from the kanji 木屋瀬中

This bottle of fish sauce is shaped like a fish.

The teachers had a nomikai after Sports Day.


The leaves are beginning to turn!


This is my desk at school, complete with pad for kanji practice.



All vocab from the New Horizon books. This was not fun to make….



A student in Home Ec club made this.


On my way home I found a cat on a hot tin roof.


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