My adventures in Japan, 2019

July 8th – 14th

Hello, spider!

I didn’t see or hear any crows for a few days, but I did see a feather.

I am really missing American food. I ate at a western-style cafe to remedy this. I ordered a Caesar salad and hamburger steak/ chicken patty combo.

This house’s side looks like a surprised face!

The students went over a worksheet that included animals on it. I drew a penguin, which was one of the animals. The next day, I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only was the penguin still there, but it was enshrined, as seen below.

How cute!

Clever packaging. The meat takes up slightly more than half of the container.

Everyone at this izakaya was very lively and interesting.

I came across a novelty American restaurant. I wish I had found this while I was looking for American food a few days ago.

Why is food so expensive in Japan? $10 for a watermelon is just a bit too much.

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