My Six Flags Trip (and other assorted memories)

Miscellaneous stuff

I collected all the pictures and videos I took in a second PowerPoint presentation. I converted it to .pdf file, but the videos unfortunately are not clickable links. What I did instead was uploaded the videos to YouTube and created a playlist here.

There’s also an album with the pictures from Homecoming 2007 and Great America (Spring Break 2008).

As a side note, I wanted to show you the work that went into making the epic lightsaber battle. Again, it would have been a lot easier if I’d had the video software I do now. But anyway, here it is:

I know for a fact that no one is still reading at this point, so I’m going to get this off my chest: I sometimes sit down when I pee. I wonder how long it’ll be before someone discovers this confession and confronts me about it. I’ll be so surprised that I probably won’t even deny it. Well, that’s it for this year. See you in 2015, no one.

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