My Six Flags Trip (and other assorted memories)

Six Flags Adventure!

I went on a trip with my friends on Memorial Day weekend of 2008, and made this in June when I probably should have been studying for finals. Oh, well. There were a lot of videos, so I needed to make a document that wasn’t Word. I ultimately decided on a PowerPoint–you can’t upload one of those to WordPress, however, so I recorded a video of the PP instead. I made the PP fully automated, so it might as well have been a video, anyway. I’d say that creating the presentation took about 40-50 hours. It would have taken a lot less if I had known about the video editing software that I do now. Again; oh, well.

Before you watch the presentation, I have to make sure you understand the reference in the beginning of the video. Back in 2005(ish) there was a Six Flags commercial featuring “We Like to Party” by the Venga Boys. If you don’t remember that commercial, watch it here (mirror) first. OK, so without further ado, here it is:

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