Making of the Manga

A lot of people have weird little personal traditions. Some of us will make a summer trip back to our hometown to relive childhood memories. Some of us have grosser traditions like bi-monthly pants-changing days. A couple of my personal traditions are: seeing the Blue Man Group every seven years–not on purpose; that’s just how it happened–and drawing a picture about once a year. (Yes, I just wrote a whole paragraph in order to set up a lame punchline about how I seldom draw. Deal with it).

I organized the panels with a very rough layout sketch…


…but other than that, I didn’t do any practice sketches or rough drafts while drawing the first manga–I just did it straight through. This lack of preparation is evident in many places.


Like here, where I accidentally made Chirei’s sister look Korean because of her haircut. Argh!


Or here, when I, um…






Actually, I have no idea what that was all about. The biggest problem I faced, though, came after I was finished coloring. I originally photographed all the pages but they turned out really dark. You can see the photographed version on Blogspot whereas the scanned version is on WordPress. After I scanned the pages, I came across another problem. I didn’t realize that colored pencils do not scan well. The photographs retain the color, but the scans retain the brightness. It was a real challenge. With my second manga I fixed this problem. Read on to learn how.

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