2016/11/01: Added a “Store” page where you can buy paperback or Kindle copies of articles from Cake’s Corner. Please help me out! The support is much appreciated!

2016/08/03: Greatly updated and expanded Recommended Reading page.

2016/07/19: Organized posts in better chronological order. Activated custom domain; changed URL to cakescorner.me


2015/07/27: Sorry for the lack of blog posts recently. I’m working on a huge project right now. I’m making 5,000 Japanese flash cards and I’m trying really hard to get it done by the end of the year which means I don’t have much time left over for writing. It makes me sad because I really enjoy writing. :( Anyway, if you’re interested in using my flash cards, you can see them here.

2014/10/27: I’m taking November and December off. See you in 2015! P.S. Happy 150th birthday, Nevada! (10-31-1864)

2014/08/26: Why Appreciate Games? article has been written. It was previously a blank page.

2014/08/26: Oregon Trail article, posted 2014/08/25, has been moved back to 2011/08/29 so that it fits chronologically.

2014/08/12: Pong article, posted on 2014/08/11, has been moved back to 2011/09/12 so that it fits chronologically.

2014/07/14: Fixed formatting in “Tale of Larry” so now stanzas are separate.

2014/07/09: Added placeholders for 1st Generation games appreciation articles. Updated slugs of all applicable articles on blog.

2014/06/09: There will be no post today because of E3.

2014/05/13: Accidentally posted Q*Bert article 6 days early. Almost immediately removed it; article will post at 12:00 on May 19th as planned.

2014/05/05: Added several paragraphs about the Vectrex to Scramble review. Added 1982 to title of Scramble article.

2014/04/22: Created “Recommended Reading” page.

2014/03/17: Added extra video embeds to Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man.

2014/02/26: Most Games Appreciation articles- Replaced jumble of embed code with a YouTube embed and Dailymotion mirror link.

2014/02/26: “Cross-Promotion!“- Changed Games Appreciation link from Blogspot to WordPress.

2014/02/26: “Free-Writing 1“- Fixed notebook image so it was no longer stretched, changed DFA link so it opens in new window.

2014/02/26: “Missile Command“- Set header picture to center, replaced DM link with YouTube video with DM mirror.

2014/02/26: “Pac-Man“- Changed two links redirecting to Blogspot so they now direct to WordPress, replaced Dailymotion link with YouTube video with DM mirror.

2014/02/26: Fixed a broken link in “The Grass Is Always Greener.”

2014/02/26: Fixed broken link in “Asteroids” and readjusted size of pictures.

2014/02/26: Added rebuttal to “An Unfortunate Statist Plea for Theocracy” on second page.

2014/02/26: Added “archive” button to About pages.

2014/02/26: Added Update bar to front page.


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