Noh Theater Speech

This will be my end-of-semester speech for Japanese. This speech is a good example of what a student can do after four semesters.
エベレット ジョン
John Everett
Japanese 212
November 2013

Noh Theater

Free Writing Exercise #2

As promised, my second try at free writing was much better than the first. What I forgot to mention before is that spleling, grammar;   and p.unc/tuati”on. are meant to be left to the wayside when free writing. This is so that the writer will be able to write as quickly as possible and let ideas flow forth instead of pausing to make revisions. As much as it pains me to leave these untouched, their hideous mistakes need to be left alone. It’s one of the essential qualities of free writing.

Anyway, here’s a picture of two hedgehogs.