Notta Toccata

Have you ever wondered what a musical composition written by a non-composer would sound like? Wonder no more! I present to you my mess-terpiece, “Notta Toccata.” It’s not actually a toccata, but I wrote it at night so I called it “Notta Toccata,” because notte is the Italian word for night; and “notta” sound like “not a.” Aren’t jokes just extra-funny when they’re explained?


I wanted this to sound like a toccata in the style of J.S. Bach. I absolutely love “Toccata and Fugue in D minor” (but then again, I love everything by Bach) and one day a rough idea came into my head. I whistled it into a microphone then played it back repeatedly while trying to write it down. I don’t have perfect pitch and I don’t know anything about chords or theory so this was really challenging. I haven’t modified it in any way because I wanted to show what a musical piece by a non-composer would sound like. Have a listen.



From the video description: “Revel in the amateurishness!”


I had my cello teacher look at it a while back and she provided many important pieces of feedback, such as, “This is in the key of G, not C.” Theory is way too complex for me, man. Anyway, here’s the entirety of what she told me if you’re interested. If not, then good job everybody! Meet up next week!






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