Bubble Bobble [1986] |Arcade|

The Japanese obsession with all things cute continues! Let’s join the little bubble dragons Bub and Bob as they explore a world of bubbles, food, and secrets to collect. What’s not to love?

Published by Taito, the same company that brought us the cute aliens in Space Invaders, Bubble Bobble was an instant success both in the arcade with its original version, and at home with its many ports. The premise is simple, the gameplay is easy to grasp but difficult to master, the music is infectious (oh, goodness, is it infectious!), the levels are very inventive while being contained within a single screen, and the character designs are, well, adorable. Have a look for yourself.

Has the music burned a niche in your brain? It has mine.

The immense popularity of Bubble Bobble led to not only many ports, but also to many sequels and spin-offs. Perhaps the most well-known spin-off is Puzzle Bobble, known in the US as Bust-a-Move. It is, of course, no less adorable than the original.


Bubble Bobble hasn’t enjoyed the same degree of fame as some other video games, and its characters seem to be more popular outside the gaming world than inside it.

Bub and Bob do look really nice on a T-shirt, I must say.

But for those of us who remember, Bubble Bobble holds a special place in our hearts. The simple fun and charismatic charm make this game a timeless classic, if not an action-packed blockbuster.

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