Runners-up of 1984

Even in the middle of the video game crash, there were still some pretty cool games that came out. These are their stories.

Duck Hunt |Nintendo Famicom|


Elite |Home computer|


I, Robot |Arcade|

Karateka |Apple ][|

Pitfall II |Atari 2600|

Pitfall was a tour-de-force for the Atari VCS by Activision (by David Crane specifically.) It was not the first platformer, but it was the first action-adventure platformer that most players knew. With Pitfall II Activision went all-out. Not only was it bigger and better, but you could actually see your goal from the very start of the game. There was a huge world to get lost in and the cartridge included its own sound-chip for a sophisticated (for Atari) soundtrack.

I wanted to do a speedrun of Pitfall II just for show and I got pretty close to the world record of 5:26. If not for the lag spike in the middle, my time would have been even lower. Oh well.


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