No posts for the rest of the year!

Hello all,

I will not post anything else until January. Until then I will be working on editing the blog and just generally improving things. Read more after the jump.

My first act is backing up all the videos in case of dead links.


You can see (mirror) after the link at the bottom of the paragraph, which takes you to a copy of the video on my YouTube account. I found it necessary to do so because Comedy Central removed the video and I had to use less than wholesome means to acquire a copy. By which I mean that I legally bought a DVD and ripped it totally legitimately into my computer, of course! Did I mention that my three favorite letters are F, B, I?

Anyway, I’ve also cjecked four typoes & consistency. I changed the colors of hyperlinks and I’ll be getting a new background image. We’ll see what else I think of. If you have any feedback, please leave it amongst the thousands, nay, millions of comments I get every day on this totally popular blog.

In closing, let me leave you with this Thanksgiving twerkey:’re welcome.

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